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2017 Departure on December 10

Dive in the "sacred place" of wreck diving!

From Tokyo & KansaiFederated States of Micronesia, Chuuk (Trak Atoll)
Wreck Diving Trip! 5 days~
* Only those who have AOW of each diving instruction organization are eligible.

Chuuk coverage at this time of year, which has become an annual event.

This area was attacked from February 17th to 18th, 1944, called "Truck Air Raid", and many ships and aircraft are sleeping.

In 2017, the interview schedule will start on December 10th via Guam.
Enter Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, and depart Chuuk on December 21st.

It will be a long stay, and I think it will be difficult to match the itinerary for going and returning, so it will be in the form of local gathering and local dissolution.
*It is possible to arrange either the outbound or return flight according to me.

[Reference itinerary]
Departure on Tuesday: 6 days/7 days/9 days/more
Thursday Departure: 5 Days/7 Days/9 Days/More
Departure on Sunday: 6 days/8 days/9 days/more

It is possible to make a plan according to the above schedule.

It will be via Guam from Japan (Narita/Kansai), but flights from Guam (GUM) to Chuuk (TKK) will be on the above days of the week.
It is necessary to match the flight from (to) Japan with the flight, and it will be the schedule on the day of the week indicated.

*Flight schedule depends on the circumstances of the airline
Please note that there may be sudden changes.


Airline: United Airlines


[Hotel used] TRUK STOP HOTEL ( *Reservations for other hotels are available upon request.
[Use diving shop] Treasures (


For further details, prices, etc., the number of dives will change depending on the desired schedule, so
Please contact us with the schedule (preferred date of departure/preferred date of return) and the number of participants.

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