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List of wrecks

Diveable WWII Attributable Rec  


* Ship names (point names) and water depths are based on local information. Depth may differ from other descriptions due to differences in measurement locations.
*Please note that there are uncertainties such as unknown ships, and even the listed ships are different from the records of the sinking points in the literature. ​
*The items described as "unconfirmed" means that Hiroyuki Tomura himself has not confirmed (unphotographed), and those that appear when you hear on the spot or search on the Internet etc. fall under this category.
*The contents described here are based on the commentary in the monthly magazine "Maru", diving magazines, travel-related websites, books, literature, etc.
In particular, I am not an expert on the hull and aircraft, so there may be some differences, but I would be grateful if you could forgive me.
*1 In some places, it is written as "Rio de Shiya Nero Maru", but as of 2017, the correct hiragana is correct, so I will write it in hiragana.
​ *The table below uses a Google spreadsheet, so it may be difficult to view from a smartphone, so we recommend viewing from a computer.

*If you have any information on submersible WWII-related wreck diving other than those listed below, we would appreciate it if you could provide it.

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