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Photo/video rental/underwater photo exhibition "Reminiscences of Ultramarine" panel rental

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Underwater photographer Hiroyuki Tomura has set out to make more people aware of the current state of wrecks, such as the ships and aircraft that lie dormant on the sea floor of the world from past wars, and to use them for peace education. We are renting out the photos and videos that we have taken, as well as the panels for the traveling photo exhibition "Recollections of the Ultramarine". We also accept requests for original panel production according to plans and exhibitions.Please use it for program production, planning exhibitions, etc. For details, please contact us from "Contact".


※please note

[Fee] There is a fixed fee. In the case of panels for patrol, transportation costs may be borne, and in the case of creating a new panel, design and production costs may be charged, so please contact us.

[Examination] There is a prescribed examination for rental. Please understand that we may not always be able to fulfill your request.


*Achievements (random order, titles omitted)

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Asahi Shimbun Chunichi Shimbun Yasukuni Shrine Yushukan NYK Maritime Museum

Yamato Museum (Kure Maritime Museum)Chikuzen Municipal Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum Memorial Ship Mikasa (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Mikasa Preservation Society) and many others

​Lecture/Writing/Interview Request


We accept lectures, writings and interviews related to sunken ships.

・About sunken ships and aircraft caused by the Pacific (Greater East Asia) War

・The history of the sunken ship and its background

Why are you photographing a sunken ship?

・About diving and photography

・Sunken ships considered as war heritage and war ruins

・Think about peace through a sunken ship

For details, please contact us from "Contact".

Underwater photography, land photography, aerial photography, diving coordination


We accept underwater photography, land photography, aerial photography using drones, diving coordination, etc.

・Shooting in an artificial environment such as an aquarium

・ Shooting when photos and video materials are required

・Shooting for investigation and recording

・Coordination when safety management is required underwater

​For more information, please contact us from "Contact".









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